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1. a consummate master of musical technique and artistry
2. a connoisseur, dilettante, or collector of art objects



a musician, performer, or artist who brilliantly overcomes considerable technical difficulties. The term “virtuoso” is applied primarily to music performers—instrumentalists and vocalists. The art of the virtuoso is inextricably linked with artistic inspiration, which captivates the audience and facilitates a brilliant and memorable interpretation of a work. Virtuosity allows the substance of a musical work to reach the listener with maximum completeness. However, when the performer is preoccupied with virtuosity in a one-sided manner, substance is relegated to the background and even falls victim to a demonstration of technical mastery in playing.


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It is a great pleasure to approach a virtuosic piece like Wieniawski's 2nd violin concerto and feel that every note played is meaningful and fulfilling.
This CD is truly extraordinary in its conception and execution, and a must-have for any fan of virtuosic horn playing.
1 with Polenzani featured the first version from the 1840s.) Piano parts are less virtuosic later, with the composer relying more on stark, open piano textures and a fascinating harmonic sense and invention.
This was particularly on the group's rendition of Round Midnight, which began with a tasteful solo introduction by the alto saxophonist Likewise, on the two numbers which Forbes left to the trio, Newton, Shiels and Cosker's virtuosic playing was never convoluted and always refined.
He has composed highly virtuosic adaptations for piano and orchestra of such works as Mozart's Rondo alla turca and Paganini Jazz.
He is a virtuosic player on Oud and Buzuq, a music theorist and a prominent composer.
Galestro performed her winning virtuosic solo for an audience of about 450 people.
Each piece of repertoire is assigned a level, starting with intermediate works (level 1), lower and upper level repertoire for college music majors (levels 2 and 3) and virtuosic works such as Islamey (levd 4).
The virtuosic use of archival footage, authentic locations, and a flight simulator combine to provide almost unmatched realism.
During my virtuosic plate spinning, one of the teachers in my workshop used her Bluetooth-enabled cellphone to upload her audio program to a remote server.
But when choreographer Sarah East Johnson uses virtuosic movement as an analogy for the earth's seismic shifts, audiences love it.
Well over half of the tracks are solo acoustic numbers, and it is nothing short of unbelievable that music which is so tuneful, virtuosic, involved, and contagious comes from one man in one take.