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1. a consummate master of musical technique and artistry
2. a connoisseur, dilettante, or collector of art objects
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a musician, performer, or artist who brilliantly overcomes considerable technical difficulties. The term “virtuoso” is applied primarily to music performers—instrumentalists and vocalists. The art of the virtuoso is inextricably linked with artistic inspiration, which captivates the audience and facilitates a brilliant and memorable interpretation of a work. Virtuosity allows the substance of a musical work to reach the listener with maximum completeness. However, when the performer is preoccupied with virtuosity in a one-sided manner, substance is relegated to the background and even falls victim to a demonstration of technical mastery in playing.


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The first focuses on critical discourse about virtuosity, and the second on Schumann's notions of virtuosity in relation to the work concept.
Unlike much of the production work by mainstream producers, Virtuosity is imbued with the vision of an experienced musician (and clearly, a fan of the artists on the disc) who continually shows he's smart enough to refrain from getting in his own way and play to the strengths of his collaborators.
For instrumental virtuosity driven absolutely by the desire to communicate deeper pleasures and executed with standing-ovation success, we needed to go no further than back to the outdoor Castle Yard stage.
I release you from all our plans and promises, and I thank you for the time we've had together." My virtuosity was beginning to overpower me, and I got all choked up.
The 25-year-old has appeared with Hollywood heart-throb Johnny Depp in Cry Baby and Denzel Washington in the new movie Virtuosity, where she played herself.
Andreas Staier, too, seizes the bravura rhetoric with flair and virtuosity, using a Broadwood of 1806; yet (as in his recordings of Dussek's sonatas) he also displays an exquisite sensitivity and poetry, and is not averse to some impassioned rubato in places.
Virtual reality machines, hyped in the recent films "Disclosure" and "Virtuosity," are helmets equipped with computerized visors that enable the wearer to vicariously participate in athletic events, hand-to-hand combat, air battles, marriage, or some other death-defying feat.
The agencies infiltrated, monitored, pursued, deployed, and smashed, yet "tactical virtuosity is one thing; "strategic blindness another." The Shin Bet, often performing brilliantly, was drawn reluctantly into the civil war.
Despite his celebrated virtuosity, form for Barth is always a metaphor for other concerns, never an end in itself.
Music lovers often speak about the virtuosity of Arturo Sandoval.
Cultivating an appreciation for dance as an art form and not just the technical virtuosity that is but one part of it; finding and recognizing the strengths in all students; and stressing ballet as something that all can do even if only a few get to perform it onstage.