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1. of or relating to the balance of trade
2. a visible item of trade; product


i. In general, the apparent or visible junction of the earth and sky, as seen from any specific position. Also called a visible or local horizon.
ii. When an apparent boundary is modified by refraction, terrain, or other factors, it is called an apparent horizon.
iii. A small circle on the celestial sphere, the plane of which passes through the observer's eye and is parallel to the observer's rational horizon, is called a sensible horizon.
iv. A path followed by a radar beam when it is tangential to earth is a radar horizon.
v. The locus of the point at which direct rays from a terrestrial radio transmitter become tangential to the earth is a radio horizon.
vi. A line resembling the visible horizon but above or below it is called a false horizon.
vii. An artificial horizon is a gyroscopic instrument for indicating the attitude of an aircraft with respect to the horizontal. See artificial horizon.
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This also increases visibility by actively utilizing the strong points of each visible image and non-visible image, even when the images are difficult to visualize," said Professor Masatoshi Okutomi, School of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology.
The second trend that the 2015 election interrupted was the long-term decline in the number of visible minority MPs affiliated with the Liberal party.
Visible Alpha combines data correction methodologies, a secure distribution network and analytical tools to drive efficiencies and transparency into the research process.
Councillor Rob Curtis, Vale council cabinet member for visible services, said: "The aim of the Visible Crew is to provide, through working closely in partnership with other public services, a clean and safe environment for residents.
51, some reflective films block significant heat but many transmit as little as 15% of the visible light.
One major change relevant to persons with visible disabilities emerged from controlled experiments on an individual's perceived rate of progress relative to the perceived discrepancy size.
The observed response to visible light of the detectors can be accounted for by modeling the effect of line dislocation defects in the detectors crystal structure.
Flashes of light from passing meteors are expected to be visible late tonight, when sky gazers are invited to watch the display in dark desert surroundings at Vasquez Rocks County Natural Area.
The other reason has to do with Wiegman's major premise, namely, that "the most taken-for-granted assumption of Western racial discourse" is "that the body is the visible domain of difference.
However, it is estimated that by the year 2001, some 15 percent of the population will be members of a visible minority group.
NEW YORK -- Visible World announced today that it has been granted a patent on bandwidth management for linear household addressable TV advertising applications.

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