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1. of or relating to the balance of trade
2. a visible item of trade; product
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i. In general, the apparent or visible junction of the earth and sky, as seen from any specific position. Also called a visible or local horizon.
ii. When an apparent boundary is modified by refraction, terrain, or other factors, it is called an apparent horizon.
iii. A small circle on the celestial sphere, the plane of which passes through the observer's eye and is parallel to the observer's rational horizon, is called a sensible horizon.
iv. A path followed by a radar beam when it is tangential to earth is a radar horizon.
v. The locus of the point at which direct rays from a terrestrial radio transmitter become tangential to the earth is a radio horizon.
vi. A line resembling the visible horizon but above or below it is called a false horizon.
vii. An artificial horizon is a gyroscopic instrument for indicating the attitude of an aircraft with respect to the horizontal. See artificial horizon.
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Samples were assessed as to their function at blocking the UV and for their transmission within the visible range of wavelengths 390-750 nm.
Past research on earnings disparities in Canada has indicated that there are earnings differentials among ethnic groups and, in particular, between visible minority Canadians and other Canadians that cannot be attributed to individual characteristics such as levels of human capital (Pendakur and Pendakur 1998; Li 1992).
Councillor Rob Curtis, Vale council cabinet member for visible services, said: "The aim of the Visible Crew is to provide, through working closely in partnership with other public services, a clean and safe environment for residents.
The Board ruled that the CSC discretion on educational allowances is not limited under the collective bargaining agreement; that favouring visible minorities was not discriminatory Under the Canadian Human Rights Act.
The best solution to overheating--clear, spectrally-selective film Clear spectrally-selective applied window film offers the best ratio of visible light transmission to heat rejection.
The time it takes and the cost to improve is visible cost; the existing waste embedded in the work system is invisible.
What this implies is that when a person with a visible disability (e.g., using a wheelchair or a having facial deformity) enters into a situation where he or she is the only one with such a characteristic then they will likely become objectively self-aware and focus attention on that characteristic.
Darkness Visible invokes the identical moral concerns of William Golding's first novel in an updated setting.
Senator Donald Oliver, a champion of advancing visible minorities to positions of influence, and a project partner, approached the Conference Board to undertake the project.
Today there are two types of extraoral film-screen systems, commonly referred to according to the color of the visible light emitted by their fluorescent materials.
In many insurance and reinsurance companies, the single most important component of the firm's value remains unmanaged, principally because it is invisible or only dimly visible to the firm's senior officers.

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