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Nakagawa on visible light communication come to conclusion that visible light communication is expected to be the indoor wireless communication of the next generation due to the possibility of transmitting high data rate (Komine, 2004; Tanaka, 2001).
Moreover, various leading government and research institutions are investing heavily towards evolving visible light communication technology, to increase its data transmission range and enhance its architecture.
Visible Light communication (VLC) is slated to be a key means to address the wireless spectrum shortage expected in the communications industry.
Ahead of DEF CON 27, HomeGrid Forum announces it is working on the certification for Visible Light Communication (VLC) and, more broadly, Light Communication (LC)
Visible Light Communication (VLC), modulated with technology, is set to be the next major innovation in realising the full potential of both the Smart Home and the Smart City, according to HomeGrid Forum.

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