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Nortel Networks' visitor-based networking (VBN) enables high-speed wireline or wireless Internet access for PCs or hand-held devices.
Sysob is responding to the growing demand for best-in-class broadband access control for visitor-based networking and wireless hotspots in the enterprise and hospitality markets.
The infrastructure to be deployed is designed to support multiple constituencies of the Business School, with discrete elements dedicated to faculty and students, resources for Financial Accelerator research, and visitor-based networking.
Nortel Networks access points and WLAN Security Switch 2250 provide robust functionality, such as visitor-based networking capabilities and security features, including unauthorized access point detection.
Guest-Tek delivers broadband wireless and wired visitor-based networking (VBN) solutions to businesses serving mobile users.
With this Nortel Networks Visitor-Based Networking solution, Mandalay Resort Group has become a single source for all Las Vegas convention requirements, including facilities, accommodation, food, entertainment, and telecommunications services.
Nortel Networks (NYSE:NT) (TSX:NT) today announced a Visitor-Based Networking solution that combines Nortel Networks experience and leadership position in wireline connectivity with innovation from its recently-announced wireless local area network (LAN) product portfolio to provide high-speed access to information virtually `anytime, anywhere.
Announced today at Networld+Interop Las Vegas 2003, Nortel Networks Visitor-Based Networking is focused on hotels, convention centers, airports and other enterprises looking to provide travelers and mobile PC workers with temporary connectivity services that are secure and easily customized.
Guest-Tek"), a leader in delivering full-service, broadband visitor-based networking solutions to businesses serving mobile users.
0, the latest version of its leading visitor-based networking (VBN) software applications enabling hassle-free, high-speed Internet access and portal services for the hospitality industry.
We have the talent, innovative technology, product portfolio, world-wide presence and brand awareness to lead in this market," said Amir Eldad, vice president for visitor-based networking at 3Com.
CAIS Internet's market leadership offers 3Com a unique experience for us to launch our new business traveler technology initiative in a top position," said Amir Eldad, Vice President and Division Manager of 3Com Corporation's Visitor-Based Networking Division.