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(vĭs`tə), uninc. city (1990 pop. 71,872), San Diego co., SW Calif., near the Pacific coast, in an agricultural and resort area; inc. 1963. Its manufactures include metal and plastic products, electronic equipment, consumer goods, and computer supplies. Vista has grown tremendously along with the San Diego metropolitan area; its population nearly tripled in the late 20th cent.
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A usually unobstructed view into the distance; often given scale by the receding perspective of a road or a row of trees.
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(Volunteers in Service to America), government agency which fights poverty in the U.S. [Am. Hist.: WB, 1: 27]
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(1) See Windows Vista.

(2) (VISTA) (Veterans Health Information Systems Technology Architecture) The information system that performs the daily processing in the healthcare facilities of the Department of Veterans Affairs. VISTA was introduced in 1996. See healthcare IT.
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Terra Vista strongly believes that family support and education are their social responsibility.
With compassionate memory care experts, family support and education and specialized programming tailored to the interests of residents, Terra Vista is not just creating a family within their community, but outside of it as well.
Caption: Vista 5: Emerging Properties C, 2014 Acrylic paint, nail polish, resin, filter charcoal, bubble wrap, polyester netting, construction foam, plaster, graphite and synthetic paper.
It was pointed out that FAMC has been voluntarily established by Creek Vistas Residents' Association in an accommodation provided by DHA.
From the datum of the main staircase head, one is then confronted with the super-transparency of the white entrance rotunda and the vistas through its huge opening glass walls into the greatest place in the complex - the museum courtyard (p42).
Within the Applet Wizard, the VISTA "Steps to Success" is an intuitive product navigation and training tool.
Against this background, the young, Santa Monica-based practice of Kevin Daly and Chris Genik has recently remodelled 3556 Meier Street, one of Ain's 52 houses at Mar Vista. The house sits on the north side of the street, enveloped by lush foliage and dark beneath its deeply projecting roof.