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Table 1 shows the results of research of functional state of visual system and work productivity in PC users with strongly and weakly expressed complaints of visual fatigue.
Section 4 provides a detailed discussion of experiments on visual fatigue when the proposed depth adjustment method applied to DIBR system.
The interaction for Time of Measurement x Condition for visual fatigue was significant, although none of the post hoc comparisons reached significance (Table 1).
While early investigations focused on visual fatigue and ocular complaints, in the late 1970s research began to examine radiation effects.
Eyesight: Temporary visual fatigue can lead to sore eyes and headaches and may be permanent.
The onset of either increased nystagmus or finger pointing behavior was interpreted as a measure of visual stress or visual fatigue.
Effects of VDT Resolution On Visual Fatigue And Readability: An Eye Movement Approach.
It is not that VDTs emit rays that are harmful to the eyes; rather, staring at small letters and numerals on a screen for hours on end can create visual fatigue. So, too, can the glare of an overbright or badly placed light that reflects off a VDT screen.
Qualitative and quantitative considerations about acoustic feedback; shape, position, and contrast of visual stimuli; visual fatigue; background music; feeling of control; among others, are presented and discussed.