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Visual runway markings are generally just the runway number and centerline stripes.
However, these same vehicles are also used to carry out visual runway inspections that enable the ops team to check for Foreign Object Debris (FOD) or even 'flag up' any damage to the runway's surface.
Tarsier is a proven technological solution and will assist our operations team in carrying out regular visual runway inspections by acting as an additional pair of eyes:
A visual runway will have at least designation and centerline marks.
Particularly interesting in the Boston Harbor area is the Logan International Light Visual Runway 33L approach, where you can find: MYNOT (Minot's Ledge Lighthouse), LYHTT (Boston Lighthouse) and WORRN (Fort Warren).
Northbound arrivals to Runway 1 follow the Mount Vernon Visual Runway 1 chart, and southbound landers track the River Visual Runway 19.
Approach: "United Two Three Four, maintain 6000, expect the Mount Vernon Visual Runway 1.
Citation 4493S (after a long pause): "Green Bay Approach, Citation Four Four Niner Tree Sierra, request direct 'Lambo' for the visual Runway 24.
NORCAL Approach: "Southwest Two Six Five, cleared for the visual Runway 29R.
Approach replied: "Great big airplane, you're cleared for the visual Runway 19R.
Departure: "ExecJet Seven Lima Lima, traffic has you in sight, cleared for the visual runway 14R.
Gulfstream 1375A: "Descend and maintain 5000 for vectors visual Runway 9.

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