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Making a visible presentation of numerical data, particularly a graphical one. This might include anything from a simple X-Y graph of one dependent variable against one independent variable to a virtual reality which allows you to fly around the data.

Gnuplot is the Free Software Foundation's utility for producing various kinds of graphs.

Usenet newsgroup:

The Computer Graphics Resource Listing contains pointers to several visualisation tools. FAQ.

Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago.
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2) Methods of assessing visualisation literacy will be applied to case study participants, identified problem tasks and successful visualisation methods
When practised regularly, visualisation can strengthen these neural pathways so the actions feel more familiar when we are called upon to perform them.
For Tennis players improve their game through visualisation
In its ninth year, the Visualisation Development Competition invited researchers to submit proposals to develop research projects using Tamuq's 3D Immersive Visualisation Facility, which utilises scientific visualisation to create three-dimensional images and graphics that aid in analysing complex numerical representation.
Olive Medical has 20 employees and its visualisation technology has been sold in 20 countries throughout the world.
Epiviz also incorporates a number of visualisation techniques for location-based data, including genomic regions of interest, and feature-based data, including gene expression, utilising interactive data visualisation methods not available in web-based genome browsers.
TREATMENT GENDER GAIN MEAN SD No visualisation Male (n=28) 1.75 2.08 (n=l2av Female (n=101) 1.74 2.82 Visualisation (n=129) Male (n=28) 2.54 2.27 Female (n=101) 1.75 2.74 Table 3: Learning gains by gender and treaimenf.
The new course, which will start in September 2014, reflects the increasing use of building information modelling (BIM) and visualisation techniques within a rapidly changing industry, from 3D laser scanning and photogrammetry to planning visualisation and energy modelling.
Adaptive Planning will now be able to expand the footprint of its solutions beyond corporate performance management to provide cloud-based visualisation and business intelligence services.
Digital display technology provider Planar Systems Inc (Nasdaq:PLNR) unveiled on Tuesday its latest professional 3D visualisation and full-HD large format video wall technology.
Centrifuge Systems Inc, a provider of business intelligence software, today announced the availability of a new version of its eponymous data visualisation technology with the release of Centrifuge 1.8.