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Making a visible presentation of numerical data, particularly a graphical one. This might include anything from a simple X-Y graph of one dependent variable against one independent variable to a virtual reality which allows you to fly around the data.

Gnuplot is the Free Software Foundation's utility for producing various kinds of graphs.

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The Computer Graphics Resource Listing contains pointers to several visualisation tools. FAQ.

Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago.
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India, July 29 -- Qlik Sense Desktop delivers an intuitive drag-and-drop user experience for data visualisation, exploration, and storytelling capabilities in a standalone, installed Windows client.
'Scientific visualisations'--computer-based animations and simulations of scientific processes, interactions and even concepts--are increasingly used in high school Science education.
Theoretical perspectives on the use of visualisations in Science education tend to focus on the links between cognitive theory, consfructivism, mental models and the nature of the relevant scientific disciplines.
The combined solution brings together big data management, rich MapReduce-powered analytics and advanced data visualisations for both structured and non-relational data, the companies said.
Aster Data, which specialises in big data management and advanced analytics, said today that it has teamed up with Tableau Software, a provider of business intelligence applications, to offer an integrated solution for big data management, advanced reporting and data visualisation.
Worldwide Computer Products News-6 November 2009-New release of OpenViz data visualisation technology launched by Advanced Visual Systems(C)1995-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Even these studies, however, tend to focus on the visualisation as a single teaching intervention or experience, often reporting quantitative data comparing the achievement or learning of students learning with visualisations with that of students taught using more 'traditional' Chemistry teaching strategies such as lecturing or class discussion.
The King's Centre for Visualisation in Science is partly funded by the Canadian National Sciences and Engineering Research Council.
Compared to other existing genome browsers that limit visualisation to presentation and dissemination, the new tool provides interactive visualisation with algorithmic analysis and seamlessly integrates with the open-source Bioconductor analysis software used by genomic researchers, via its Epivizr Bioconductor package.