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1. essential to maintain life
2. of, relating to, having, or displaying life
a. the bodily organs, such as the brain, liver, heart, lungs, etc., that are necessary to maintain life
b. the organs of reproduction, esp the male genitals


A semantics language using FSL, developed by Mondshein in 1967.

[Sammet 1969, p. 641].
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Outcomes were measured by the presence of vital red wound ready to be closed by surgical intervention.
But when his family tried to change his phone line from Sky to BT, a mix-up left him without the vital red button, which connects him to family or friends.
When completed, the city will become the region's largest seaport on the vital Red Sea shipping route.
Brushed and smeared in a romantic palette of muted olives and ochres, supported by fleshy peach or flecked with vital red, and relieved by occasional daubs of turquoise and crisp neutrals, Moran's diminutive, domestic-size canvases can read as landscapes, seascapes, portraits, or anything but.
In addition, 10,000 people in the West Midlands have been helped by vital Red Cross Services such as helping people settle back home after a spell in hospital and the provision of first aid at public events.