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1. essential to maintain life
2. of, relating to, having, or displaying life
a. the bodily organs, such as the brain, liver, heart, lungs, etc., that are necessary to maintain life
b. the organs of reproduction, esp the male genitals


A semantics language using FSL, developed by Mondshein in 1967.

[Sammet 1969, p. 641].
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Three vitally important games are coming up in the space of a week for us Three vitally
2-5 poll, are less likely to say what happens there is vitally important than to say this about a number of other countries around the world, particularly China.
and if Plaid had the opportunity to govern that would be our first priority - along with other vital public services such as social care and housing and several other vitally important services that serve members of the public.
But Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Sandra Gidley said: "Sexual health clinics do not have the resources vitally needed to tackle the spiralling rate of sexually transmitted infections.
YOU CAN change a government in a night, and laws in the life of a parliament, but a change of mentality is vitally important, and is very hard to bring about,' Lech Walesa, President of Poland from 1990 to 1995, told the conference.
Their contribution is vitally important in the fight to protect whales.
Opponents of the measure, however, said racial data remain vitally important in tracking public health and significant trends.
Vitally needed management reports have been expanded and updated with new information and a sharper, cleaner look.
For those who have outgrown Tim Winton's Lockie Leonard titles but are looking for a simple story line that delivers force rather than complexity, this offers what American fiction has yet to do so well: it shows the politically incorrect--and vitally accurate--Weltanschang of boyhood's final fling.
Some of the laws and policies instituted since 9-11 clearly violate the letter and spirit of the Constitution concerning search and seizure, habeas corpus, and other vitally important matters.
We are seriously concerned that many frail, elderly Americans are losing access to vitally important long-term care services due to the unavailability of medical liability insurance for our members.
It's vitally important that we build bridges between faith-based organizations and partners in-country in the fight against HIV/AIDS," said Richard Feachem, executive director of the Global Fund.