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Photomicrographs of the female reproductive system of Megamelus scutellaris showing a) distal portion of the ovary showing the distal lateral oviduct (lop), common oviduct (co), bursa copulatrix (b), and spermatheca/spermathecal gland (spt and sptg, respectively), and b) close-up of ovariole morphology (b) showing the anterior lateral oviduct (loa), germarium (g), vitellarium (v), and terminal filament (tf).
a) N1--Note the lack of differentiation in the vitellarium (v) and large size of the germarium (g) in comparison to the vitellarium.
Ovary trilobed, sometimes round; situated to right of body midline in three specimens, to left in five specimens, between vitellarium and testes.
At no time during the observations in Repetec did we observe the formation of a brood ball, and this coincides with the state of the ovary in the females we dissected: in the vitellarium there were no mature oocytes, or only oocytes that were beginning to mature.
The ovarian follicles present in the vitellarium are divided into two interconnected chambers, the oocytic chamber that contains the oocyte and is located proximally to the nurse chamber that contains the trophocytes or nurse cells.
The germarium presumably continued to produce eggs that underwent some development in the vitellarium before resorption, as the maximum follicle size did not decrease with time.