Vitreous Body

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vitreous body

[′vi·trē·əs ′bäd·ē]

Vitreous Body


(1) The transparent gel that fills the eye cavity between the retina and the lens. The vitreous body is part of the eye’s dioptric medium, which transmits light rays to the retina. In humans, there are no blood vessels in the vitreous body of an adult. The liquid part of the body consists of viscous hyaluronic acid and traces of serum proteins, ascorbic acid, salts, and other substances; it is enclosed in a network of delicate protein fibrils. The vitreous body is surrounded by a hyaline film that firmly adheres to the macula retinae and the ciliary parts of the eye and in some animals, to other parts of the retina.

(2) The drug obtained from the vitreous body of the eyes of cattle; it belongs to the group of biogenic stimulants. Vitreous body is used subcutaneously in solutions to facilitate the resolution of scar tissue. It is also used in cases of joint contractures and as an analgesic in various disorders, including neuralgia and radiculitis.

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In the early 1900s, physicians postulated that the tension of ciliary muscles pressed the crystalline lens against the vitreous body -- forcing the lens to flex and increase its curvature.
Lower frequency application provides a view of the retinal area of the eye and is used for diagnosis of trauma to the vitreous body.