vitreous tile

glazed tile

Ceramic tile having a fused impervious glazed surface finish (clear, white, or colored) composed of ceramic materials fused into the body of the tile; the body may be nonvitreous, semivitreous, or impervious.
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Oxford, United Kingdom, January 08, 2013 --( Hobby Island, a leading provider of craft mosaic tiles in a wide variety of contemporary and classical designs, has added a selection of new vitreous tile mixes to their range following popular demand.
Hobby Island has increased their selection of vitreous tile mixes, with five new assortments available at competitive prices.
Brunner foresees the use of non-petroleum-based concrete and vitreous tile flooring continuing to expand in response to environmental concerns.
The clay for faience tiles (and, later, unglazed vitreous tiles sold under the name "Vitrocraft") mostly came from northeastern Ohio, near Zanesville.
Acentral doorway leads to an entrance hallanda long, curving bar room.Its bar is impressive with dark wood and gleaming brass foot and hand rails, matched by an impressive tiled floor with red, black and cream vitreous tiles.