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see sulfuric acidsulfuric acid,
chemical compound, H2SO4, colorless, odorless, extremely corrosive, oily liquid. It is sometimes called oil of vitriol. Concentrated Sulfuric Acid

When heated, the pure 100% acid loses sulfur trioxide gas, SO3
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1. another name for sulphuric acid
2. any one of a number of sulphate salts, such as ferrous sulphate (green vitriol), copper sulphate (blue vitriol), or zinc sulphate (white vitriol)
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"What's vitriol, Nanny?", George asked, and he was told it was a very strong acid that burned through skin.
Ms Willott, whose claim of nearly pounds 1,800 for a four-poster bed, mattress and surrounding curtains on expenses was widely reported, said: "The vitriol targeted at MPs, whether justified or not, doesn't make the job attractive to those working elsewhere - except for bankers, who have possibly been even more vilified.
Originally tipped for success in 2000, My Vitriol (above) seemed to be pushed into support slots, while their contemporaries burst on to the scene.
Supreme Court, heated accusations of voter fraud ("irregularities," in the new parlance) and civil rights violations, and enough vitriol and acrimony to irradiate the White House at least through the 2004 presidential campaign.
At a half-dozen stops along the American trail, he finds conflicts where emotions run deep and neighbors turn against neighbors with astonishing vitriol. The result of his research, Jew vs.
What is surprising, even astonishing, is the vitriol directed at Tolkien's works by the literati.
Public lynching, once so common to our shame in the United States, has all but disappeared, but the vitriol that brought enjoyment to lynchers sadly still exists.
The July convention brought together 500 people--including delegates from all fifty states and the District of Columbia--for four days of theocratic vitriol and a hodge-podge of conspiracy theories not much in evidence since the heyday of John Birch.
And it is more than often anonymous, sent by trolls too cowardly to put their face or name to the vitriol they spew out.
Which chemical compound is known as blue vitriol? 7.
A torrent of abuse and vitriol has led to the teenager going into hiding, and his mum said she and his brother and sister are too frightened to leave their own house which is being guarded by police.