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see sulfuric acidsulfuric acid,
chemical compound, H2SO4, colorless, odorless, extremely corrosive, oily liquid. It is sometimes called oil of vitriol. Concentrated Sulfuric Acid

When heated, the pure 100% acid loses sulfur trioxide gas, SO3
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1. another name for sulphuric acid
2. any one of a number of sulphate salts, such as ferrous sulphate (green vitriol), copper sulphate (blue vitriol), or zinc sulphate (white vitriol)
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Claire said: "I had heard about trolls and keyboard warriors, projecting their misery and vitriol onto others through insults.
There seems to be a lot of vitriol reserved for dentists these days ( or at least those who are choosing not to take NHS patients and opting for private-only.
Such was the vitriol heaped on him, it was made clear neither Calderwood nor Jimmy Nichol would be made welcome there when they return with their new club and, furthermore, Calderwood was destined to become a hate figure in Dunfermline's history.
For years now, the mostly government-run media in Arab countries, including "moderate" ones such as Egypt, have been feeding their audiences a stream of anti-Semitic vitriol that would do Nazi Germany proud.
Unfortunately, the Humanist contributes nothing but vitriol, half-truths, sarcasm, distortions, and one-sided perspectives to this great and honorable debate.
He was an anti-Semite but extended the reach of his vitriol in a letter to The New York Times about "the Jewish question" to conclude that "all immigrants are undesirable.
Striding on to the stage with swaggering confidence, My Vitriol proved why they are the best band the masses have not heard yet.
As a couple of other protesters joined me, the level of vitriol began to rise.
Their sweetly sung little ditty seemed like the perfect antidote to the vitriol and mean-spiritedness that increasingly surfaces these days when parishes undertake church-renovation projects.
I call on all responsible Christian leaders to condemn this organization's vitriol and smear tactics.
Even he acknowledged in a later published reckoning of accounts that some of his phrases contained a superfluity of vitriol.
Having a problem with Katie's credentials is one thing, but turning the vitriol on the other panelists?