Viviparous Blenny

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Blenny, Viviparous


(in Russian, bel’divga; Zoarces viviparus) , a fish of the family Zoarcidae. The body is usually up to 30 cm long, sometimes up to 60 cm. The dorsal fin is long, and there are short thorny rays on its hind part. The fish is found along the coast of Europe from the English Channel to the Baltic, Barents, and White seas. It can survive in nearly fresh water. It feeds on small mollusks, crustaceans, roe, and the fry of other fish. The fish is viviparous. The female usually gives birth to 30–70 fry, sometimes as many as 400. The viviparous blenny can live up to 12 years. In the Baltic Sea the fish is of some commercial significance. In the Okhotsk Sea and the Sea of Japan, a related species, Zoarces elongatus, is found.