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"As an initial matter, [plaintiff Keith Jason] Maxwell's claim that each defect renders the foreclosure deed 'voidable' fails to state a claim, as he lacks standing to challenge voidable assignments.
Another ground on which a marriage was voidable was
If the parties share an erroneous belief about a fact basic to the contract, it is voidable on the ground of mutual mistake.
Thus in India, child marriage is not entirely illegal but voidable if challenged by the girl.
sufficient trust administration in DAPT situs); strong publicly policy reasons for not recognizing the DAPT; and the Uniform Voidable Transactions Act.
It is essential to bear in mind that private agent service by a non-qualified professional may be quashed in the originating Court and any judgment obtained on the basis of service by a non-qualified person may be unenforceable, or may be voidable, because it is illegal under French law.
* To explain why these expenses were incurred at all before the liquidation order was entered, or why these expenses are not voidable preferences under the law;
(3) Regardless of what happens in The Puerto Rican Debt Crisis, how the voidable debt obligation issue is resolved will almost certainly have a substantial impact on the United States economy.
Non-California Choice of Law and Forum In Employment Contracts Voidable
A related, intriguing development has been the novel use in South African law of the category "voidable contracts," as opposed to "void contracts." This was done quite early in Maasdorp's Institutes, when he linked the concept of a "voidable contract" to various grounds for obtaining restitutio in integrum.
The Asset Protection Committee evaluated the Uniform Voidable Transactions Act's impact upon estate planning.
And yet it remains impossible to ignore Lebanon, largely because of the una- voidable fact that the vast majority of professionals working in the industry across the region are Lebanese.