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Cricket the flight of such a ball or the ball itself
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simultaneous firing from several guns, mortars, rocket launchers, carbines, and so on.

It is done at a set signal or command. In a combat situation the volley is used to inflict a sudden and powerful fire strike on the enemy. Volleys of fire are also used for salutes and paying military respects. Terms such as “division volley,” “ship volley,” and others are sometimes used to designate all the fire capabilities of all the unit’s artillery or rifle weapons fired simultaneously.

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A round of holes fired at any one time.
Burst of fire, especially a salute fired by a detachment of riflemen.
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26 Perez chips a ball over the Sunderland defence for Colback, whose volley is tipped around for a corner.
But McAnespie capitalised on another loose clearance on 37 minutes to smash the ball full on the volley into the same top left corner.
"Well, it was serve and volley game maybe 20 years ago, and now in the last let's say 10 to 15 years, tennis became a game of baseliners.
He powered in his first-ever goal with a stoppage-time volley to sink Lincoln.
During the match, it is believed that McEnroe, who has a history of verbal volleys, became enraged after his doubles partner Robert Kendrick, was pegged with a volley by the Indian star, New York Post reports.
The clinching set went with serve until the seventh game, when Rusedski's wild volley gave Henman a vital break.
The forehand volley is a stroke that packs a punch, just what you need to be a "knockout" court!
The drill helps develop control of the volleys, quick volley reflexes, and keeping the racket out in front on the volley.
The Bulgarian's sublime volley in firsthalf stoppage time was the difference between the sides in a close match.
Swiss star Federer, who faces Chile's Fernando Gonzalez in today's quarter-final, said: "I think players do not work enough on their volleys enough these days any more.
Ball boys and line judges ducked for cover and there were rumours that the designer boutiques in Wimbledon Village prematurely pulled down their shutters to avoid stray volleys shattering their shop fronts.
Low and high volleys, though, use a shorter, punching stroke to use the power of your opponent's shot to zing the ball back into their court.