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This means that the dimensionless volume flow rate and the dimensionless dissipation have converged.
Boundary conditions during this study were obtained through the experimental work done by Bazan and Ortiz (2016), which characterized the volume flow rate waveforms at the inlet of the aorta for various heart rates [10].
Figure 4b) depicts the LVE for MV, spatially averaged over four TPDs at four height levels for three different volume flow rates. For head, chest and knee level, the LVE was found to be almost independent of the volume flow rate.
A design of experiments (DOE) is run to obtain flow characteristics (pressure drop versus volume flow rate) at various kink angles (figures 5 and 6).
Dependence of the parameter ratio of wetted surface on volume flow rate is shown in Fig.
Taking the liquid volume flow rate and PE_H as the abscissa and the ordinate respectively, the piecewise linear interpolation model is established and denoted as PH model.
The velocity of air and/or vapors flowing out of these vent-port openings is a function of volume flow rate and the vent open area.
Boundary conditions of the numerical model in XMin is considered volume flow rate, in line with XMax out flow, in line with YMin, YMax and ZMin wall and along with ZMax the symmetry.
This paper adopts TurboSystem (a set of software applications and software features for designing turbomachinery in the ANSYS Workbench environment) to create the impeller flow field which is impellers with 0[degrees], 2.5[degrees], 5[degrees], 7.5[degrees], 10[degrees], 12.5[degrees], 15[degrees] and 17.5[degrees] back swept angles, and adopts CFX (a general purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics software) to simulate every impeller, compares and analyzes the results of flow field on different back swept angles through considering pressure ratio, isentropic efficiency, volume flow rate and Mach number.