volume yield

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1. The volume of freshly mixed concrete produced from a known quantity of ingredients; volume yield.
2. The number of product units, such as blocks, produced per bag of cement or per batch of concrete.
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The volume yield of large sugi logs tends to be high in sawing patterns producing large dimension lumber such as flat square.
Results from extended simulations show that the average volume yield can be increased further by applying the optimal combination of rotation and parallel positioning in cant and deal saw.
The mathematical model calculates the log volume yield, lumber value yield, and log value yield criteria for choosing the most effective sawing method.
From the perspective of the timberland owner, such assessment of sawtimber quality is not as important under current market conditions as sawtimber volume yield and the expected total income derived per unit area (e.
In the dimension mill, the total lumber volume yields from the real-shape and virtual stems were 17.
Cull container parts were counted but not included in the volume yield.
Without such price deduction, it is likely that most logs will be cut to minimum length due to log taper and volume yield relationship.
Breakdown of yield (% yield from original log volume) Region and Total log Total % 54-inch 36-inch log grade volume yield sheets sheets Strips (ft.
A general linear model (GLM) was used to test for differences in volume yield and value of logs between optimal and manual bucking operations, among species, and butt diameter classes.
Cubic-foot recovery percentage by species was used as a measure of wood volume yield from logs to lumber.

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