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A twisting of the bowel upon itself so as to occlude the lumen and, in severe cases, compromise its circulation.



acute intestinal obstruction, twisting of part of the intestine and mesentery with blockage of the blood circulation from the root of the mesentery to the intestinal lumen.

Volvulus may result from the intestine twisting around its own axis, with the mesentery around the mesenteric axis, or with the mesentery around another intestinal loop (for example, loop of the small intestine with the mesentery around the sigmoid colon). The latter leads to knotting, or intestinal loops that are difficult to untie.

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For millions of years, the nematode Onchocerca volvulus has harbored bacteria that it needs to survive.
Because of CT findings suggested mesenteric volvulus, emergency surgery was planned.
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Midgut volvulus is an extremely rare anomaly in adults.
CT at the district hospital revealed suspicious mass in the abdomen and cecal volvulus findings (Figure 5).
The mango tree is known to be a host of X volvulus (Atkinson 2017); however, damage by this beetle had not been reported previously in Mexico.
adhesions, hernias, inflammations, neoplasms, volvulus or compression from outside the intestinal tract.
(6) The incidence of volvulus is reported to be 24-36%.
Sigmoid volvulus can often be differentiated from transverse colon or cecal volvulus by means of performing abdominal X-ray imaging.
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Volvulus is the primary etiology in patients with SSBO, and the adhesive disease is the second.
Gastric volvulus is also an exceedingly rare diagnosis amongst children in the US.