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1. an indication of choice, opinion, or will on a question, such as the choosing of a candidate, by or as if by some recognized means, such as a ballot
2. the opinion of a group of persons as determined by voting
3. a body of votes or voters collectively
4. the total number of votes cast
5. the ticket, ballot, etc., by which a vote is expressed
a. the right to vote; franchise; suffrage
b. a person regarded as the embodiment of this right
7. a means of voting, such as a ballot
8. Chiefly Brit a grant or other proposition to be voted upon



an opinion expressed by means of voting. In the parliamentary practice of bourgeois states, the government’s general policy, its particular concrete actions, or the action of an individual minister may be submitted to a vote of confidence or no confidence. Since many countries do not have strict rules for posing a vote of confidence, every vote on government proposals in parliament can be regarded as a vote of confidence. The government itself can initiate and introduce the vote of confidence; it can propose that parliament vote on its programs or declarations or it can request a vote of confidence in connection with deliberations on a concrete legislative project. In the practice of bourgeois states a government based on a parliamentary majority frequently uses a vote of confidence to guarantee its stability and political authority. A vote of no confidence legally signifies a parliament’s refusal of confidence in the government. The initiative for posing a vote of no confidence can come from parliament or from the government itself; the latter, having received such a vote, loses the support of a parliamentary majority. The consequences of a vote of no confidence are varied. In Italy the constitution provides for an automatic resignation of the government; in such an event in the Federal Republic of Germany the president dismisses the government after the Bundestag has elected the new head of government, a chancellor. In bourgeois practice it does not infrequently happen that the chief of state, after acting in defense of the government, resorts to a dismissal of a parliament after a vote of no confidence.


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Measures: the chief executive, the chief engineer and the chief accountant of the cooperative were penalized by the Plenary meeting of the party town Committee by "vote of censure", land management and for the recovering of the delayed debits.
The manager of the Enterprise of Industrial Processing of Meat in Giurgiu town was replaced from his position, sent to executive activity in another enterprise and penalized by "vote of censure and warning" for infringing the principle of collective work and leadership, repeated transgression in his relationship with the working staff and taking illegal decsion in personnel matters, delivery of meat products--without allotment--to other counties or touristic units, illegal sale of equipment which had been meant for the enterprise investment, etc..
At the APC in Mosna, Iasi county, the APC manager, the chief and a farm manager got penalized by "vote of censure", the chief engineer was also turned out of office, while the chief accountant was dismissed from his post for illegal granting of remunerations, for buying products from the APC at lower prices than those established, for neglect in the livestock activity, causing deaths among the livestock, as well as for incorrect aspects in managing the cooperative's property.
The director of the Mixed commercial state enterprise in Anina town, Caras-Severin county, was unseated and penalized by "2 year interdiction to chief party and state leadership positions", while the chief accountant was penalized by "vote of censure" for failure in checking the administrators activity of keeping and operating the wares fund and the wrappers, as well as for not taking all the necessary measures for recovering the losses from the public property.
The manager of "Unirea" Handicraft Cooperative in Bolintin Vale, Giurgiu county, was unseated and penalized by party by "5 year suspending of the right to be elected for party leadership positions", while the party secretary was turned out of office and penalized by "vote of censure" for severe illegalities in production activity and in the unit's balance sheet (drawing up documents with fictitious data, falsifying of documents, etc.) which had created conditions for damaging the public property by the purloining of materials.
If the vote of censure is passed and Gwyther stays in her job, the opposition could force a new Assembly election.
If they fail to deliver that vote of censure their credibility will be in tatters.
Top players like Colin Montgomerie and Sam Torrance passed a vitriolic vote of censure for the speedy and obscene way in which qualifier Miguel Angel Martin was axed from Europe's team for the trophy defence against America next week.