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A wedge-shaped block whose converging sides radiate from a center forming an element of an arch or vaulted ceiling.

stepped voussoir

A voussoir that is squared along its upper surfaces so that it fits horizontal courses of masonry units.


A wedge-shaped masonry unit in an arch or vault whose converging sides are cut as radii of one of the centers of the arch or vault.
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The rock mass under the voussoir beam comprises the whole caved zone rocks and the partial fractured zone rocks.
The "voussoir beam" structure of loading key strata is shown in Figure 9(b).
For examples, Ju and Xu used the cantilever and voussoir beam structural models to reveal the periodic alternating law of the weighting step and strata behavior through field observation on the longwall face with 7.0 m mining height and pointed out that the key strata broken in advance and step subsidence would lead to the periodical changes in gentle and strong roof weighting [5].
Construction of a storm basin (volume 8000 mA) by drilling tunneling voussoir over a length of +/- 470 m with a tolerance of +/- 100 m without receiving well.
The building is made with buff, dark, grey and red stones, with voussoirs of pointed arches and a pitched roof.
This included the huge stone copings on top of the bridge, the voussoirs - dressed stones that form the arches - and the remains of cast iron rope rollers which ensured boat tow ropes would not get snagged as they were pulled through.
Cette realisation, prouesse architecturale a l'epoque, etait constituee d'une partie centrale, abritee par une coupole hemispherique de 41 metres a la base, de 13 assises de 48 voussoirs prefabriques, et d'une calotte de 10 m de diametre formee de 24 voussoirs speciaux.
Thus, it became a veritable "mine" for the construction of the new architectonic complex, clear proof of which we find in the "refuse tip" containing spolia recovered a mere couple of years ago at the former army quarters of Saint Raphael (Torreras 2009; Fuertes, Rodero & Ariza, 2007), located halfway between both buildings and including several seamed voussoirs from the vault of the ambulacrum, as well as some pieces carved in grey micritic limestone with a very peculiar physiognomy, and perhaps formerly part of the enclosed seats of honour of the proedia (Murillo et al, 2010a, 262-284, fig.
Pour les transports, le groupe fournit des voussoirs dotes d'une puce (identification par frequence radio) detaillant les informations de tracabilite du produit et permettant d'enregistrer des parametres du contexte de mise en oeuvre (ex: frequence de passage des trams ou metros).
As in building an arch, a temporary support is needed while rings of voussoirs are constructed and the rings placed in position.
114--though here as elsewhere the actual epigraphy can-not be made out), "alternating voussoirs." The non-architecturally trained reader is grateful especially for this last.