wafer ash

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hop tree

hop tree

Small shrubby tree no more than 25 ft (8m) tall. Leaves look like poison ivy (do not confuse!) This is a small tree, whereas poison ivy is an ivy. Small greenish-white flowers with 4-5 thin petals. Fruit looks like round flat disks with bulge in the middle like a UFO, containing 2 seeds. (Not the same as the hops fruit used for making beer. That’s a different plant). The whole tree is anti-fungal, antibacterial, anticandida and has been used for calming irritated mucus membranes, asthma, expelling worms, fighting candida yeast and fungus. Roots used for fever, malaria, heartburn, roundworms, pinworms, poor digestion, asthma. Leaf tea used for asthma, digestion, stomach.
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