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1. A curved roof structure spanning an area; often spherical in shape.
2. A square prefabricated pan form; used in two-way joist (waffle) concrete floor construction.
3. A vault substantially hemispherical in shape, but sometimes slightly pointed or bulbous; a ceiling of similar form. also see geodesic dome and saucer dome.
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However, for a Republican candidate or for a candidate with an unknown political party, there is no strong match between waffling and changing one's position because no Republican or unknown political party leader has been so publicly labeled as a waffler.
The CyberTimes, by contrast, is a far more accessible forum, with threads carrying headlines you're not likely to see in the "Times proper, like: "Dole - Waffler Without a Spine
And, of course, they'll brand him an inveterate waffler.
described him as a liar, cheat, hypocrite, and waffler.
We must choose between a total waffler and a complete spoofer.
In his presentation at the same conference, CD publisher and Waffler, Cy Gonick, made note that the Waffle Manifesto--For an Independent and Socialist Canada--was a very radical document in its day.
Oh, yes, all you people who thought I was just a batty blonde waffler with a Jack White fixation will rue the day you ever underestimated me.
The Welsh waffler did a great disservice to Wales with that performance before the UK.
But opponents seized on his original statement to portray him either as a waffler or a danger to public education.
As one who at an early stage assessed this man and watched weekly on TV his performance in the National Assembly, I can say this man is arrogant, mealy mouthed and a waffler.