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Employees who earn a reasonable wage are more likely to feel valued by an employer, hence have more morale.
Yahya Centi, Department of Labor and Employment director in Eastern Visayas who is also the wage board chair, said the decision to implement the increase in two tranches would make it easier for business owners to comply with the order.
The unions always ask for wage rates that approximate what they consider as the 'decent living wage'.
The wage boards were created under the Wage Rationalization Act enacted in 1989.
Global wage growth in 2017 fell to its lowest rate since 2008, far below levels before the global financial crisis, according to a new International Labour Organization (ILO) report.
"It is likely that growth in the wages of high-income earners is still outstripping those on lower incomes.
As to establishments with less than 10 employees, the Region 6 wage board added P23.50 to the daily pay, to increase their minimum wage rate to P295.
'I request to not give the exact number, and give the possibility to the annual minimum wage negotiations to decide the wage,' he said.
Maine's minimum wage workers will get the biggest pay raise, an 11 percent increase from $9 an hour to $10 an hour, as part of a ballot measure approved by the state's voters in 2016.
It should however be noted that these figures refer to full time weekly wages which conceals the decline in income faced by workers overall due to glacial growth in minimum wages and slow growth in wages generally.
"It was purely a demand raised by trade unions in the recent meeting of the Central Advisory Board on Minimum Wages. However, it is clarified that such proposal is not part of the Code on Wages Bill," it said.