wagon shed

wagon shed, wagon house

A structure, separate from a main building such as a church, once used as a temporary shelter for horse-drawn wagons before the use of automobiles; usually had at least one open side so that the wagons could be driven directly into the shed without having to open doors.
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Stop by the wagon shed to see the blacksmith demonstrate the tools and techniques of the trade.
The estate contained a greenhouse, dairy barn, cow barn, wagon shed, stables, farmer's cottage and a hennery.
Plus the Windmill, Perry Mill, Stable, twisted Victorian Chimneys, Granary, Wagon Shed, Barnsley Hall Airing Shelter and Guesten Hall, where you can be married beneath a 14th century roof from Worcester Cathedral (seats 120 or holds 150 for an evening reception).
All that was left to do was to put the tractor in the wagon shed before it got dark.
Families also visited the new Wagon Shed, which has two restored railway wagons, a suspended miniature train set, and a 1963 classic Rover P4 car.
bedstead so squeaky who could stand one more night of wagon shed the rim
Two houses and six outbuildings make up the site, including a yeoman's house, a wagon shed, a sheepcote and a small forge.
Another wagon shed its load of coal on a grassy area, where on July 20, thousands will gather for the annual Highland Games.
Today author, former MP for Sunderland South and chairman of the Heritage Lottery Fund in the North East Chris Mullin will open a new display in the transport museum grounds which includes a new wagon shed complete with a restored covered carriage truck built at Darlington in 1939 and a goods brake van built at Shildon by the North Eastern Railway in 1916.
The property also has a cook barn, two-bay wagon shed, Darling Barn, blacksmith shop, shingle mill, sugarhouse and miles of walking trails.