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see pipitpipit,
common name for a group of chiefly Eurasian and African birds that together with the wagtails constitute a subfamily of songbirds related to the Old World warblers and thrushes. Pipits are trim, slender birds with thin, pointed bills.
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parting slip, midfeather, wagtail

A long thin strip of wood in the box jamb of a cased frame which separates the sash weights from each other; also called a parting strip, parting bead.


any of various passerine songbirds of the genera Motacilla and Dendronanthus, of Eurasia and Africa, having a very long tail that wags when the bird walks: family Motacillidae
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Many of the dogs used by Wagtail are rescue dogs who have been abandoned by their owners and are given a new lease of life with their training.
Wagtail UK are the only private company providing body detection dogs to the UK Border Force, the teams have helped tighten UK border controls at juxtaposed ports.
On 1 June 2012 from 0930 to 0940 hrs, we observed a wagtail riding on the back of a grazing horse.
Carver Simon O'Rourke (above) and Collin Singer and Louise Wilson of Wagtail UK want Welsh Government politicians to spend more time visiting businesses
Earlier Moat's last-known hideout was found near Wagtail Farm along with a letter address to Miss Stobbart.
What I was looking at were not dandelions but several yellow wagtails which are summer visitors from the African continent that spend the summer in pastures, meadows, riversides and arable fields, and usually near freshwater.
Blaina brothers Dick and Keith Smith got among the barbel at Raglan fishery and landed fish to 3lb from Wagtail Pool.
YELLOW wagtails are a gem of spring: sadly no longer breeding in North Wales, we get only to appreciate their bright colours as they migrate.
e rst House Martins were at RSPB Conwy and Bardsey; both sites have also reported White Wagtails, the continental version of our urban Pied Wagtail: numbers will peak in a fortnight.
Wayne Bennett, from Blaina, and Nantyglo angler Idwell Rees both topped 50lb with their catches of roach, bream and carp from John's Pool at Lower Pen y Clawdd Farm and Charlie Lloyd, from Pontypool, took the same weight at Wagtail Pool.
It was a combination of compassion and expertise gained during a career spanning almost 25 years in the Royal Air Force as an operational explosive dog handler that led to him setting-up Wagtail UK eight years ago.
Detectives said the associate involved in the operation at Wagtail Farm was helpin g them identify areas where the fugitive may have been hiding out.