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pipit, common name for a group of chiefly Eurasian and African birds that together with the wagtails constitute a subfamily of songbirds related to the Old World warblers and thrushes. Pipits are trim, slender birds with thin, pointed bills. They are chiefly terrestrial and walk or run rapidly, catching insects on or near the ground. The pipit's plumage is streaked and mottled brown; the wagtail's is more boldly patterned. Pipits resemble larks and are sometimes called field larks, or titlarks. The few American species include the water, or rock, pipit, Anthus spinoletta, which breeds in the Arctic and winters in the E United States, and the Sprague's pipit of the Great Plains, noted for the spectacular courtship flight and song of the male. The African longclaw has elongated hind toes suited to running over the veldt. The wagtails, members of the same family, are named for their habit of bobbing their tails, and are usually found near water in temperate Eurasia and Africa; the only New World species is the yellow wagtail of the northern tundra. Pipits and wagtails are classified in the phylum Chordata, subphylum Vertebrata, class Aves, order Passeriformes, family Motacillidae.
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parting slip, midfeather, wagtail

A long thin strip of wood in the box jamb of a cased frame which separates the sash weights from each other; also called a parting strip, parting bead.
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any of various passerine songbirds of the genera Motacilla and Dendronanthus, of Eurasia and Africa, having a very long tail that wags when the bird walks: family Motacillidae
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Wagtail South is expected to produce between 4,000 and 5,000 ounces during the current quarter.
The poet Montgomery wrote of the water wagtail: "What art thou made of?
? Cllr Marion Bateman, vice chair of Flintshire County Council, Lord Barry Jones, Colin Singer, MD, Wagtail UK Ltd, and Andy Farrow, chief officer, Flintshire County Council
I HAVE raved about the gangs of wagtails that hang out close to warm lights on superstores in winter after spending years only seeing single birds around the region.
In spring, White Wags have a grey back with a clean demarcation from a jet-black head, whereas our native Pied Wagtails are darker-toned from head to tail.
A total of 42 fished at Woodlands' Partridge, Skylark and Wagtail lakes on Saturday .
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What I was looking at were not dandelions but several yellow wagtails which are summer visitors from the African continent that spend the summer in pastures, meadows, riversides and arable fields, and usually near freshwater.
The EUR50 million scheme means that many of O'Connell Street's trees are being felled - forcing the unique city centre flock of pied wagtails to find somewhere else to roost.
`As I worked, I turned my head and watched, somewhat behind me, a pied wagtail pecking and picking the grubs and seeds from the lines and I suddenly thought about Jesus telling us to consider the birds.
Over the weekend, the first Willow Warblers joined the many dozen Chiffchaffs singing on the reserve, with Yellow Wagtail and a few White Wagtails.