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He added: "Obviously the health authority is in no way meeting the waiting time guarantee."
Its provisions would increase the waiting time for green cards through Filipino employment-based petitions, and decrease the waiting time for Filipino family-based petitions: It would eliminate the per-country limit for all employment-based immigrants and It would increase the per-country limit for all family-sponsored immigrants from 7% to 15%.
although the figures mark a slight improvement on the previous three months, the target waiting time is just 84 days (12 weeks).
The length of time you wait will depend on your specific treatment and clinical needs, and you could be seen quicker or wait longer than this average waiting time.
Objective: To determine waiting time of patients visiting general male and female outdoor clinics of 01 Mountain
As a basic requirement for managers of public health facilities across SA, waiting time surveys need to be conducted and presented in ways that provide good information about the patient's journey within the facility.
Now a day's OPD services of the majority of hospitals are having queuing and waiting time problem.
Bus bunching is unexpected because it increases passengers' waiting time, leads to crowding conditions in slow buses, and makes passengers' travel time unpredictable.
According to the Indonesia Minister of Health regulation 129 of 2008, about minimum standards of hospital service, that the waiting time of general prescription service is [less than or equal to]30 minutes, whereas the waiting time for compounding prescription is [less than or equal to]60 minutes.
Figures revealed this week showed not a single waiting time target had been hit in Wales since 2010.
Cancer charity Macmillan said the cash was urgently needed after four straight years of waiting time targets being missed.