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In graph theory, a set of vertices (v0, v1, …, vn ) in a graph, such that vi and vi +1are joined by a common edge for i = 0, 1, …, n- 1. Also known as path.
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What does it mean when you dream about walking?

Walking in a dream can simply reflect our day-today experience of walking. If the act of walking is somehow emphasized in a dream, the dream might be alluding to the meaning of an idiom, such as to “walk out” on some situation, “walk on eggshells,” “walk on air,” “walk a thin line,” “walk all over someone,” “walk a tightrope,” or “walk and chew gum.”

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A pedestrian path or passageway.
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To Traverse a data structure, especially an array or linked-list in core.

See also codewalker, silly walk, clobber.
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Many people see themselves walking along in a dream. It is very important to remember where you were walking to and if the walk was difficult or not. The way we move in dreams, or the means of transportation, may represent how efficiently we maneuver and progress on our own personal life journey. Also, is the means of transportation appropriate for the journey? For example, are you walking to your neighbor’s house or across the desert? Jung thought that if in your dream you are walking to no specific destination, it may represent a personal search and a succession of changes that one experiences in life. In order to understand the dream, considers whether you were walking around aimlessly or were swiftly going to a particular destination?
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