walking line

walking line, line of travel

The usual path taken in climbing stairs, approximately 18 in. (46 cm) from the center line of the handrail.
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But with RTA working on creating almost 850km of walking lines by 2030, it gives great hope of making the city more walkable.
In Bexar County, a spokeswoman for County Clerk Jacque Callanen also said that poll workers walking lines were trying to speed up the process, and that few had cast ballots without using photo ID.
In Fingers on Fire and Simple Twist of Fate (both 2014) angular, labyrinthine shapes are laid over finger marks, the fretwork of the hand contrasted with the bold simplicity of one of Long's walking lines.
Note: Walking lines are based on the average calorie expenditure for a 154-pound individual walking at 3.5 mph (280 calories/hour).
The system I use commonly today involves establishing permanent walking lines across the landscape, letting me sample different habitat types as I go.
"Formanek's virtuosic command of his bass, which allowed him to simultaneously pluck walking lines and bow resonant accents, sometimes made him sound like two players at once," read a review in the Chicago Tribune.
I joined the hordes of running, shoving masses, then up the steps to join the walking lines Of anti- clockwise morning circuit-strollers; (uniquein all the world,I think you'llfind!) Stiletto heels got stuck between the gang-planks and down I'dgot to wrench them from the space.
He asked Tennant to create a custom, glow-in-the-dark coating to be placed along the yellow and red walking lines that guide people through the facility.