wall bed

wall bed, recess bed

A bed which folds and stands vertically when not in use, usually swung into a closet or recess; esp. used in apartment houses.
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Some of the most impressive features of the property include North American walnut flooring, solid white marble tiles in all of the bathrooms, bespoke North American walnut wardrobes with integral lighting and bespoke full wall bed heads with feature white glass and American black BRISTOL ROAD, EDGBASTON Terry's house in Surrey used to belong to famous golfer Colin Montgomerie, so when he comes to Birmingham he might be attracted to this house in the middle of a golf course.
transFORM will be displaying their new multifunctional Men's Apartment, which includes a horizontal wall bed, custom wardrobe & dual-purpose desk.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Both Side Guard Wall Bed Lining, Outlets And Repair Of Damage Structures Of Talab Distributary In Between Rd 00 To 650 M.
A distinguishing feature of his concept: Every unit would be a studio apartment, with a Murphy-style wall bed.
The room has a wall bed and two wardrobes for her clothing.
Prices range from $3,000 for a simple wall bed and desk to $20,000 for a custom project with extensive cabinetry.
This is an attractive furnished first-floor self-contained studio apartment, with a wall bed, allocated parking space and 24-hour concierge.
His changes - on show at the Ideal Home Show which opens today at Earl's Court, West London - pack in a compact bike rack, a walk-through kitchen, stowaway dining table, a wall bed and a home gym.
If your spare room doubles up as your home office, then a desk to wall bed conversion might solve a lot of problems.
If you have a less restrictive budget then you could ideally have a bespoke wall bed designed.
This home office, near the entry, can become a temporary guest bedroom, thanks to a wall bed tucked into the cabinet behind the desk.