wall pocket

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wall box, beam box, wall frame

1. A frame or box which is set into a brick, masonry, or stone wall to receive a timber beam or joist.
2. In electrical wiring, a metal box which is set in a wall for switches, receptacles, etc.
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Oval wall pocket of bleached caribou hide, the front surface
WALL POCKETS OLD books make can be used to make fantastic, attractive wall organisers.
Projects include Beach Blanket To Go - turning old sheets into a picnic blanket, and Cosy Wall Pockets - a creative way to store children's small treasures.
For example, Palmer Hamilton from the USA are exhibiting for the first time and will be showing a school seating system which sits in wall pockets and can pull out to provide 16 seats in under 30 seconds - a great space conscious seating solution for schools.
I use hanging wall pockets to hold files such as incoming cases.
From the interior, the structure feels like an elegant treehouse--glass doors slide into wall pockets, allowing the sculptural fronds of the surrounding Phoenix palms to extend inside on two floors.
Whether it is art photography, handmade musical instruments, antique ceramic wall pockets, or animation cells tall actual collections of which I am aware), why not use the enthusiasm you have for your collection to transform or generate ideas for art problems for your students?
Nouvel and Johnson also designed curtains that slide out from wall pockets and a circular floating canopy of timber strips which can be lowered or raised to effect the necessary difference in reverberation, for instance, a rousing romantic symphony and an intimate poetry reading.
The Smart Bin snaps onto Smart File wall pockets to hold adhesive notes, pens, keys, etc.
After previously concentrating on a range of traditional tableware, the firm was quick to climb on to the Art Deco bandwagon and introduced a large range of hand-painted ware including vases, jugs and wall pockets.