wall pocket

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wall box, beam box, wall frame

1. A frame or box which is set into a brick, masonry, or stone wall to receive a timber beam or joist.
2. In electrical wiring, a metal box which is set in a wall for switches, receptacles, etc.
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This bag has a locking front organizer pocket, a zip wall pocket, and two open top pockets to keep you organized.
Oval wall pocket of bleached caribou hide, the front surface
Instead of having coworkers just placing all sorts of papers right on your desk, keep a wall pocket on your door or cubicle with a label on it so people know to place all documents there.
I particularly like its see through perspex wall pocket, pounds 15.
For the custom-made screen, which slides on metal tracks into a wall pocket, a single panel of textured fiberglass was fitted into a fir frame.
With practical principles and the incisive background information needed to start, "Vertical Vegetables" shows how to build nearly two dozen growing structures, including trellises, arbors, archways, wall pockets, towers, and more.
Some of most popular pieces include tea sets, luncheon sets, wall pockets, condiment sets and ashtrays.
PS420, toy box also available separately, PS50, castlesforrascals.co.uk KUSINER WALL POCKETS IF floor space is at an absolute premium in your child's bedroom, this could be the answer..
WALL POCKETS OLD books make can be used to make fantastic, attractive wall organisers.