wall rail

wall handrail

A rail, 1 similar to a handrail, but attached to a wall adjacent to a stair, paralleling the pitch of the flight.
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Have it reflect their hobbies and interests, and add items like a wall rail where they can post things like a rotating display of photos.
* Organize a wall rail system where you can hang kitchen utensils such as pans and ladles.
National Office Furniture introduces Exhibit[TM] Wall Rail Solution which transforms walls into purposeful design elements and creates a lighter, airier aesthetic for all workplace, collaborative and social environments.
It's called the Hampshire tap rail or the Hampshire wall rail. Simply fix it onto your taps and it will help with raising and lowering in the bath.
Lastly, a relatively inconspicuous entry, the 1988 Prototype Double Mounted Wall Rail (a blue-gray object hung high on the wall), refers to Gillick's own history of being preoccupied with the relations between reductive sculptural aesthetics, architectural design, and art's contextual and spatial frame.
The digital rail map could take the place of the wall rail map commonly used by haulers and railway officials to plan the movement of freight, according to Petr Kroca of Jerid, the company that helped develop the software.
Former residents at The Savoy Hotel have included Marilyn Monroe and (facing page, left to right) author Noel Coward, artist Claude Monet and movie star John Wayne; A chromium plated circular wall rail with central 'S' monogram.
Optional panel finishes include polished chrome and brass, and optional elements include wall rail coupler to add panels to an existing sign.
While the double leg design supports both sides of the bridge, a wall rail provides the support on the other side of the single leg.
My father - bent nearly double with osteoporosis, hanging onto the wall rail while wandering the halls in search of his cane, his wife, his misplaced life - had continued, Job-like, to trust.
The HON Company's Smartkink education furniture revolutionizes K-12 classrooms with a comprehensive collection that includes a teacher's station, modular storage, a wall rail system, and student desks.