wall socket

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wall outlet

An electrical receptacle, whose face is flush with a wall, into which a plug is inserted.
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Stay up-to-date with USB Wall Socket Market research offered by HTF MI.
It plugs into any 220 volt wall socket, and being a trickle charger, only uses 1.5 - 5 amps.
This Wi-Fi extender is designed to be a small form factor meaning that it can be discreetly plugged into any wall socket and this convenient placement allows one to increase the signal coverage of Wi-Fi network.
And you don't have to wait hours to charge it up - it takes a record-breaking 3.7 hours from a standard wall socket, 2.25 hours from an optional wall box or 30 minutes at a rapid charger.
TP-LINK RE200 WI-FI RANGE EXTENDER PS37.99 from argos.co.uk ALMOST any home can benefit from one of these devices; an unobtrusive unit that simply plugs into a standard wall socket and helps establish a stronger signal.
TP-LINK RE200Wi-Fi Range Extender PS37.99 from argos.co.uk Almost any home can benefit from one of these devic- devic es; an unobtrusive unit that simply plugs into a standard wall socket and helps establish a stronger signal.
The included micro-USB cable allows you to recharge the battery from your computer, wall socket, or vehicle's USB port.
The car is charged at home from either a standard wall socket or, more quickly, via a wall-mounted charger.
There are also fold-out prongs for plugging it into a wall socket and a clip at the back for clipping it to belt's, pockets, or bag straps.
The new smart port allows for bi-directional flow of power - from a wall socket to the car, or the other way around.Mahindra Reva also showed off its car that will contend in the upcoming Formula E world championship.
To unlink smart technology from the wall socket, the team had to rethink what materials are best suited for use in a flexible, rechargeable battery that's also inexpensive.
There are at least four ways to go: recharging slowly through a standard 120-volt wall socket, the type a consumer would use for a hair dryer; buying a faster 240-volt home charger, about the size of a garden gnome, for several thousand dollars; plugging into the same 240-volt charger in a public parking space but paying a price; or using a $30,000 super-speedy public charger that takes only minutes but is not widely available.