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see strabismusstrabismus
, inability of the eyes to focus together because of an imbalance in the muscles that control eye movement; also called squint. It is a consequence of weakness or uneven development of one or more of the six small muscles that surround the eye.
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walleyed pike:

see perchperch,
common name for some members of the family Percidae, symmetrical freshwater fishes of N Europe, Asia, and North America. The perches belong to the large order Perciformes (spiny-finned fishes) and are related to the sunfishes and the sea basses.
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1. a divergent squint
2. opacity of the cornea
3. an eye having a white or light-coloured iris
4. (in some collies) an eye that is particoloured white and blue
5. a North American pikeperch, Stizostedion vitreum, valued as a food and game fish
6. any of various other fishes having large staring eyes
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The first test of a Walleye occurred on 29 January 1963, when a YA-4B Skyhawk dropped the missile at China Lake for a direct hit on its intended target.
The Walleye have done a terrific job in entertaining their fans since the return of ECHL hockey to Toledo in 2009.
Juvenile walleye pollock were collected from 124 trawl catches in the western GOA during August 2000 to September 2001 during nine research cruises conducted by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS).
So a rough estimate would be approximately 300 to 900 walleye have migrated by the trap" during that 10-week period, Taylor said.
Although none of the nodules from the walleye were found in the alimentary canal the similarity between the nodules in this fish and in those of swine and ruminants is striking.
Since the mid 1990s, anglers have observed large concentrations of adult fish in spawning condition in the shallow areas adjacent to the Maumee River channel each spring, suggesting that walleye were using these areas to spawn.
Anyone who's ever enjoyed a shore lunch of fresh walleyes and tasted the delicious, flaky white meat knows the walleye takes a back seat to no fish as a taste delight.
Joensuu region sourcing asks you to give the offer of Joensuu Water Walleye Salon wastewater treatment plant sludge disposal contract for this solicitation in accordance with the.
In Walleye Tour competition, pro and co-anglers are competing for valuable points in the hope of qualifying for a shot at the 2012 National Guard FLW Walleye Tour Championship which will be held on the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities Oct.
Legislation aimed at giving Montana walleyes native species status has drawn praise from walleye anglers and fire from trout fans.
The equation was developed by applying a mathematical smoothing method based on an allometric equation with a constant term for walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma)--a species that shows an extended longevity (>20 years).