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1 In English history, see hundredhundred,
in English history, a subdivision of a shire, first mentioned in the 10th cent. and surviving as a unit of local government into the 19th cent. It is thought that in origin the hundred comprised 100 geld hides, the geld hide being the basic Anglo-Saxon land unit for
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. 2 In law, see guardian and wardguardian and ward,
in law. A guardian is someone who by appointment or by relationship has the care of a person or that person's property, or both. The protected individual, known as the ward, is considered legally incapable of acting for himself or herself; examples are a child
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. 3 In local government, see city governmentcity government,
political administration of urban areas.

The English tradition of incorporating urban units (cities, boroughs, villages, towns) and allowing them freedom in most local matters is general in the United States (see city; local government). The traditional U.
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1. A metal obstruction in a lock; intended to prevent entrance or rotation of a key that does not fit the lock.
2. The outer defenses of a castle. Also see bailey.
3. A division in a hospital.
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1. (in many countries) a district into which a city, town, parish, or other area is divided for administration, election of representatives, etc.
2. a room in a hospital, esp one for patients requiring similar kinds of care
3. one of the divisions of a prison
4. Law
a. a person, esp a minor or one legally incapable of managing his own affairs, placed under the control or protection of a guardian or of a court
b. guardianship, as of a minor or legally incompetent person
5. the state of being under guard or in custody
a. an internal ridge or bar in a lock that prevents an incorrectly cut key from turning
b. a corresponding groove cut in a key


1. Dame Barbara (Mary), Baroness Jackson. 1914--81, British economist, environmentalist, and writer. Her books include Spaceship Earth (1966)
2. Mrs Humphry, married name of Mary Augusta Arnold. 1851--1920, English novelist. Her novels include Robert Elsmere (1888) and The Case of Richard Meynell (1911)
3. Sir Joseph George. 1856--1930, New Zealand statesman; prime minister of New Zealand (1906--12; 1928--30)
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Ward is still at the head of the firm of Ward, Knowles
According to details obtained by The Express Tribune, ward boys and female assistants of the hospital are demanding money for the stretcher service due to the administration's negligence in various wards of the hospital.
The North West seats in the Echo circulation area and present political affililiation include: Castle Donington Castle Ward (Ind), Castle Donington Central Ward (Ind), Castle Donington Park Ward (Cons), Castle Rock Ward (Lib/Dem), Daleacre Hill Ward (Cons), Kegworth Ward (Cons), Long Whatton & Diseworth Ward (Cons), Hermitage Ward (Cons), Holly Hayes Ward (Cons), Thornborough Ward (Cons) and Thringstone Ward (Lab).
He was hospitalised at the Accident and Emergency (A and E) ward on Saturday night in a serious condition.
Similarly the Congress failed to register victory in a single municipal ward in Pulwama district.
The review is looking at the total number of councillors in the authority area, the number of councillors per ward, the number, type and boundaries of wards and the names of wards.
According to sources, four people had come to visit a suspected dengue patient, Mohammad Aslam who was admitted in the men's ward.
As part of the plans, the local authority would gain a new ward in Redcar, covering the swathes of new housing around Redcar Lane and Marske Road.
Erdington Area to north of Chester Road now in Erdington, not Pype Hayes ward. Short Heath moved from Erdington ward into Perry Common.
NORTHFIELD Local evidence suggested that the Commission had divided communities in the north of the Northfield ward. The northern boundary of the ward has been amended to include the whole of Victoria Commons and the properties around it in Northfield ward rather than Bournville & Cotteridge.
According to the four-count complaint filed by Ward's estate, Ward, Stewart and 22 other drivers were participating in a race when Stewart's and Ward's race cars made contact, wrecking Ward's vehicle.
(http://www.kelliward.com/about) Ward  has represented Arizona's Fifth Legislative District as a state senator since 2013.