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1. a place where goods are stored prior to their use, distribution, or sale
3. Chiefly Brit a large commercial, esp wholesale, establishment
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A place in which goods and merchandise are stored; a storehouse. Built usually of masonry, there was little need for windows, and as a result most restorations need to cut new windows or enlarge those in the existing structure.
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What does it mean when you dream about a warehouse?

Dreaming about a warehouse might be about past memories or something else in the past. Alternatively, perhaps we have put something in storage, such as artistic ambitions, in order to pursue something else.

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(industrial engineering)
A building used for storing merchandise and commodities.
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A building designed for the storage of various goods.
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data warehouse

A database designed to support decision making in an organization. Data from the production databases are copied to the data warehouse so that queries can be performed without disturbing the performance or the stability of the production systems.

Data Marts
Data warehouses can become enormous with hundreds of gigabytes of transactions. As a result, subsets, known as "data marts," are often created for just one department or product line.

Updated at the End of a Period
Data warehouses are generally batch updated at the end of the day, week or some period. Its contents are typically historical and static and may also contain numerous summaries.

Operational Data Stores
The data warehouse is structured to support a variety of analyses, including elaborate queries on large amounts of data that can require extensive searching. When databases are set up for queries on daily transactions, they are often called "operational data stores" rather than data warehouses (see ODS). See OLAP, decision support system, EIS and BI software.
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The measure also establishes a warehousing accreditation council composed of the chairman of the SEC, the secretary of the Department of Trade and Industry, the secretary of the Department of Finance, the secretary of the Department of Agriculture, and three warehousing experts who would be in-charge of accrediting warehouses and warehouse operators.
For his part, Senator Aquilino Pimentel III lamented that most banks and other financial institutions do not accept warehouse receipts as collateral for loans as they do not have confidence in its economic value.
Primarily, this will be done through the establishment of an online centralized registry of warehouse operators and warehouse receipts," Gatchalian said.
"There is a lot of demand from small companies that need to spend only $5,000 or $10,000 a month on warehousing space," explains Jonathan Rosenthal, CEO of Warehouse Exchange.
At its core, the data warehouse integrates critical and valuable enterprise data that is not found in big data sources and that continues to be the primary data resource for descriptive, prescriptive and decision analytics.
DED has also warned against storing or piling goods outside the warehouse, using the warehouse or part of it as kitchen or residence and engaging in direct sales from the warehouse.
The Hempel Coatings warehouse will service the Deer Park, Texas area for heavy industrial petrochemical markets, terminals contractors, service companies, marine ship-yards, manufacturers and OEMs.
Further, recommendations for the SMEs are also provided pointing the benefits of warehouse automation.
There are 19 private customs warehouse licensees, while the number of processed customs warehouse declarations has reached 5,397 during the first quarter of 2012, collectively worth around Dh2 billion.
Sharjah Sharjah police have arrested a 29-year-old Asian burglar who stole 500 boxes of blankets, worth Dh200,000, from a warehouse in the emirate's industrial area recently.
Prior to the issuance of any license, the commission will perform an inspection of a personal property warehouse. The inspection will include a review of the physical characteristics of the building, the type of goods to be stored, the proper storage techniques, the method of fire and burglary protection the warehouse utilizes, any potential damage to personal property by animals, insects or water, the warehouse's proper business records and documentation of storage lots, and the warehouse's advertising practices.