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1. a place where goods are stored prior to their use, distribution, or sale
3. Chiefly Brit a large commercial, esp wholesale, establishment
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A place in which goods and merchandise are stored; a storehouse. Built usually of masonry, there was little need for windows, and as a result most restorations need to cut new windows or enlarge those in the existing structure.
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What does it mean when you dream about a warehouse?

Dreaming about a warehouse might be about past memories or something else in the past. Alternatively, perhaps we have put something in storage, such as artistic ambitions, in order to pursue something else.

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(industrial engineering)
A building used for storing merchandise and commodities.
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A building designed for the storage of various goods.
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data warehouse

A database designed to support decision making in an organization. Data from the production databases are copied to the data warehouse so that queries can be performed without disturbing the performance or the stability of the production systems.

Data Marts
Data warehouses can become enormous with hundreds of gigabytes of transactions. As a result, subsets, known as "data marts," are often created for just one department or product line.

Updated at the End of a Period
Data warehouses are generally batch updated at the end of the day, week or some period. Its contents are typically historical and static and may also contain numerous summaries.

Operational Data Stores
The data warehouse is structured to support a variety of analyses, including elaborate queries on large amounts of data that can require extensive searching. When databases are set up for queries on daily transactions, they are often called "operational data stores" rather than data warehouses (see ODS). See OLAP, decision support system, EIS and BI software.
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The general warehousing and storage market consists of sales of general warehousing and storage services by entities (organizations, sole traders and partnerships) that operate warehousing and storage facilities for general merchandize, refrigerated goods and other warehouse products.
On-demand warehousing has not gone unnoticed for its progressiveness.
With a view to popularize the benefits of negotiable warehouse receipts among farmers and to encourage the warehouse managers of registered warehouses of the central warehousing corporation, state warehousing corporations and private warehouses to issue more and more NWRs, the authority has started a scheme of awarding the farmers, the warehouse managers and the banks.
"The system leads to a huge warehousing efficiency and better control over your inventory." Moreover, the picker is able to pick numerous orders with one walkthrough in the warehouse, rather than carry out a separate walk-through for each product.
A relatively new trend, third-party warehousing has become a big business over the past decade with industry experts estimating that spending on outsourced warehousing is growing by 23% a year, reaching $20 billion in 2000.
Through data warehousing, they reduced inefficiencies in the production and distribution of these reports.
The Carleton buy enhances Oracle Warehouse, a popular solution for data warehousing and e-business intelligence applications.
The proportion of companies implementing data warehouses exploded from 10% in 1993 to 90% in 1994, according to market research and consulting firm Meta Group, which projects that the data warehousing market, including hardware and software tools, will grow from $2 billion in 1995 to $8 billion in 1998.
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[USPRwire, Fri Nov 02 2018] Voice-directed warehousing solutions market is likely to register massive growth prospects owing to burgeoning end-user inclination for accelerated operational efficiency in the interest of superlative end-user experience.
WAREHOUSING market continues to remain in a position of strength, according to a report issued last month by third-party logistics and supply chain consultancy Armstrong & Associates.