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An item which is designed to be mounted in or on a torpedo, guided missile, rocket, or bomb; it may contain high-explosive, nuclear, chemical, biological, or inert materials.



a part of a missile that is designed to inflict destruction on a target. In it is put the payload, the fuse (destruct system), and the safety-lock actuating mechanism. The warhead, which consists of a jacket and combat charge, inflicts the immediate damaging effect on the target. Combat charges of the appropriate type (nuclear and conventional explosives) and of the necessary capacity (yield) are used, depending on the size and vulnerability of the target that the missile is to strike. The capacity factor of the effect of a warhead on a target occupying a given area is its zone of effectiveness (killing zone). For an individual target, it is the probability of destruction (kill probability). Depending on the type of missile, warheads can be transported in the structure of the missile and also separately.


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Experts have predicted that the delivery vehicle for the North's first nuclear warhead would be the medium-range Rodong missile, rather than an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which the North has yet to test.
The post North Korean leader says will soon test nuclear warhead (Video) appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Nevertheless, the decision to outfit its missiles with multiple warheads is of concern for several reasons.
A long-range missile test makes little sense for North Korea as a test to deliver a nuclear warhead," Kim said.
Under the terms of the contract, the EMD phase of the program runs 36 months, focusing on system performance, warhead qualification and producibility.
Nearing the end, however, such as final six or nine months, the US and Russia together would reach the varying levels of the other nuclear weapons states, and as noted be (re)joined by them in further reductions as the elimination timetable fixes ever-lower permissible ceilings on warhead possession.
The latter is based on an enhanced-blast warhead that generates an overpressure that is able to clean a whole floor, while the precursor warhead can penetrate over 800 mm of brick wall.
would retain some Minuteman III missiles with more than one warhead when
The IAEA statement in September followed reports from the Associated Press quoting what it called a classified IAEA document saying agency experts agreed Iran now had the means to build atomic bombs and was heading towards developing a missile system able to carry a nuclear warhead.
Layering irony atop unintended irony, Defense Secretary Robert Gates chose the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace as the setting this week to announce expanded justifications for going to war and to insist that the production of a new nuclear warhead would lead the way to a reduction in nuclear weapons.
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WASHINGTON -- A Bush administration plan to develop a new hydrogen warhead has energized faith-based antinuclear activists, religious leaders say.