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By pushing the departure point many light years backwards, while bringing the destination closer, the warp drive effectively transports the starship faster than the speed of light.
A concept for a real-life warp drive was suggested in 1994 by Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre, however subsequent calculations found that such a device would require prohibitive amounts of energy.
Warp loom with cotton strands 8" (20 cm) longer than the proposed mat.
Traditional weaving lessons focus on the warp and the weft, and the patterns and textures produced when threads and fabrics are woven together.
This is a modification of the Hanging Warp, beginning with one-bead intervals between warps, expanding outward to 5,7, or more beads between warps at the opposite end.
Organisations and individuals can still apply for North-East SME Warp membership at pounds 65 and attend the computer and network security awareness course for pounds 100.
Anyone can participate in Space Warps project, which was launched on 8 May 2013.
The exterior siding on our home has become warped and wavy.
The shed opening is optimised and loads on the warp threads during weft insertion are reduced.
- Stationary drawing in station and the machine travels by during drawing in (can be imagined like traditional weaving preparation organization where workers prepare the warp beam just beside the weaving machine).
On 30th January, 2013 Simag organised Staubli Warp Preparatory Symposium at Colony Industries Pvt.
Karl Mayer will be exhibiting warp knitting machines and warp preparation machines at hall E 5, stand B 10 at ITMA ASIA.