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This morning and in the first hours of the drills, two warships of the coalition which had approached the drills zone to monitor the Iranian Navy units were identified by the Navy drones," Spokesman of the drills Rear Admiral Seyed Mahmoud Moussavi told reporters on Monday.
Egypt received two Mistral warships earlier this month from France in a ceremony attended by Egyptian Defense Minister Sedki Sobhi.
The CAG claimed that the defence ministry attributed delays to the cascading effect of similar slipping of schedule by previous warships.
MILGEM project aims to build a modern littoral combat warship with indigenous anti-submarine warfare and high-seas patrol capabilities, extensively using the principles of stealth technology in its design.
Naval history buffs had just four hours to look around on board before the warship sailed away to continue her duties on Sunday morning.
Qin said the United States had informed China that strong wind and rains made it necessary for the warship to travel through the strait.
The 15th and last warship of the name was built by John Brown on Clydebank, being broken up in 1981.
Vic Emery, of BAE Systems Surface Fleet Solutions, said: "These new apprentices will add to the lifeblood of this business and will be working on some of the most advanced warships in the world.
It sparks the start of the break-up of the warship collection - the largest in Britain - which has been under threat since the company running it went into liquidation.
In a nutshell: A British warship goes after a superior French foe in this bracing tale of war and friendship from the great Peter Weir.
All warship encounters after 1945 could be described as skirmishes.
warship would be able to call at the port city, where no U.