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a wild pig, Phacochoerus aethiopicus, of southern and E Africa, having heavy tusks, wartlike protuberances on the face, and a mane of coarse hair



(Pacochoerus), a genus of nonruminant eventoed ungulates of the swine family (suidae). on the sides of the head the males have warty skin excrescences (hence its name, warthog). The length of the body, exclusive of the tail, is 1.5–1.9 m, and the height at the shoulders is 65–85 cm. The body is covered with a sparse bristle. In the upper jaw are large upward-curving tusks. One species, P. aethiopicus, is found only in Africa (south of the Sahara). It is a primarily nocturnal animal, living in small herds in forest, shrub, and coastal thickets. It feeds on vegetable and animal food. It is hunted for its meat and skin.

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THIS WAS MY EIGHTH bowhunt in southern Africa, and on earlier trips I had focused on kudu, gemsbok, impala, and wart hogs, and on later trips on waterbuck and nyala.
Several small kudu and wart hogs came to water, and then, about 10 a.
But wart hogs are tough customers and easily recngnise bluff from a real challenge.
We have just seen three wart hogs trying to eat from the dogs' bowls.
San Francisco introduced its new wart hog couple - Porky and Bess - to the media Thursday, saying they should be ready to mate next year.
Since Disney's animated film ``The Lion King'' made celebrities of African wart hogs, in the form of the hero's friend Poomba, they have been hot attractions on the zoo circuit.
But the wart hog, a tunnel-digging meerkat and a lion stretching in the dirt at the Los Angeles Zoo are inspiration for movie-star personalities.
Photo (1--2) Above The result of hours spent by Disney artists at the Los Angeles Zoo "The Lion King's" Pumbaa the wart hog, left, and his meerkat sidekick, Timon.
He seemed delighted to find himself among other wart hogs including a number of females that come to graze on Daphne's lawn.
Lions seem to take a particular interest in wart hogs, particularly the smaller prides which aren't able or willing to try their luck at killing buffalo.
Packed full of hunting stories for all sorts of African game, from wart hogs and impala to nyala, gemsbok, and kudu, this entertaining and educational book will give you insights into every aspect of African hunting.