wash light

wall-wash luminaire

Any luminaire located adjacent to a vertical surface on which its light is principally directed.
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The fully dimmable, full spectrum IS3c can serve as a background color wash light or as a wide soft light.
Facade lighting using LED linear wash light with up-light and LED street lights were used.
* Mount lights on eaves to wash light across the exterior walls of the house.
Living rooms can benefit from table lamps or wall lamps which give indirect light or wash light across walls and ceiling.
These fixtures wash light across the ceiling to emphasize the architecture, while strategically reducing contrast ratios.
He emphasised the changes with pictures of HSBC headquarters building, from dull in 2003 with wash lights and direct lighting to dynamic in 2018 with a vast multimedia wall.
The LED wash lights have been installed as part of Small Planet Airlines' cabin refreshment program.
To mitigate views into the casino, sheers were hung inside the windows on the ground floor and grazed with 446 customized amber LED wash lights (Traxon Technologies) at 2,200K to create what Brown calls "luminous window treatments."
A cyc lit with VL wash lights just didn't look very good, among other things.
In addition, the flat area within the alcoves houses two linear 12.8-W LED wash lights that measure about 1-ft long and emit a 120-deg wide beam.