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lavatory, 4
lavatory, 1
lavabo: Abbey of Valmagne
1. A basin with water supply and drainage piping, for washing the hands and face; a washbasin.
2. A room containing a washbasin and a water closet, but not a bathtub; a powder room.
3. Same as toilet, 2 or
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lt;B Cielo Ceramica, I Catini washbasin, from PS1,580, available from C P Hart
To create suitable vanity units six models in the Shape collection have been modified and adapted to meet the demands of semi-recessed washbasins.
But Mrs Letherby said some women or their children may need to take their tops off at the washbasins if they accidentally spilt ice cream on themselves.
The extravagantly decorated Memento New Glory washbasin is ideal for elegant furnishings inspired by historical models and that exhibit the sumptuous splendour of times past; it also succeeds in creating a link with modern, puristic design.
Dutch bathroom fixtures firm Sphinx and US washbasin and toilet maker American Standard Cos.
It never occurred to anyone that doctors spread the disease by working on cadavers and then, without a stop at the washbasin, delivering babies.
By playing with the shape of the water vortex, the hollow funnel-like forms combine to produce a family of pieces that include a slender washbasin, a shower tray and a bath that collectively combine playfulness with minimalism.
A metal table is used as a bed, for meal preparation, as a door, as a washbasin and as a foundation for the woman to stand on possessively.
Grandma's wedding pearls or letters from a loved one may not cause the same bidding frenzy as Jackie O's jewelry, but the real value of personal keepsakes far outweighs a $6,000 washbasin.
Contract award notice: Rental and current service of shower and washbasin containers, Sanitary cabins and field basins
Designed by Monica Graffeo, the ensemble includes an elm base, glass module, and brushed Corian washbasin.