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Wash is a term given to a mixture of herbs and water that is sprinkled on people and things for the purposes of protection, success, uncrossing, attraction, and other needs. Washes are used to bring people into a shop or business, to keep undesirables out of a business or home, and to cleanse and purify. This practice is found in certain types of Voodoo, Hoodoo (a very commercial variety of Voodoo dealing mainly with the sale of magical items), Santeria, and other similar practices and religious beliefs.

To make a wash, the appropriate herb is steeped in water for a certain period. The mixture is kept in a cool, dark place and shaken periodically while a spell or chant is said over it. After three or seven days (depending upon the purpose) the water is strained off into a clean container, the wash is what remains. It may be used as it is or it may be mixed into a bucket of water that will be used to scrub down a floor, door, or wall. If used for a business that has walk-in customers, the wash should be used on the entrance floor, door, and door handle. For a mail-order business, the mailbox itself may be washed. This washing should be repeated once a week.

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