waste material

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Animal and vegetable waste from restaurants, hotels, markets, and like installations; contains up to 70% moisture and up to 5% incombustible solids. Also see refuse, rubbish, and trash.
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to conduct supplemental sampling to ensure that the exposed waste material is isolated.
Mark Butterworth, director of regulation and enforcement at the council, and Lisa Harris, director of regeneration and housing, said in a report to councillors this week: "It is the owner's intention to remove the contaminated waste material and submit a planning application for the retention of the remaining waste material.
Suitable for manual feed or chute feed of waste material the revolution[TM] 150 is clean, easy and safe to use and requires minimal operator training.
An 18-hole golf course may take up to half a million cubic metres of waste material, deposited over a four or five-year period.
Our interest is to target municipalities that might be trying to reduce typical waste streams," says Maskell, who adds there are savings to be realized through partnerships in supplying waste material to a bio-gas facility rather paying the costs to transport it to landfill.
The waste material is held together by a low-cost process--called COBY, which stands for Cotton Byproducts--invented by ARS scientists.
Environmentalists fear that mining for minerals there will leave toxic waste materials behind and harm wildlife.
Provision of collection and disposal of waste material from Malta Enterprise Corporation, Pieta and the Hire of Skips, collection and disposal of waste material therein from Kordin Business Incubation Centre (KBIC), Kordin.
Total net profit from selling recyclable dry waste material taken from separating stations of sources in all eight districts in Ahvaz during the first six month in 2008 is as follows:
A solution to the problem of disposing of solid waste material is to create "energy from waste.
Another person said that the waste material thrown by vendors as well as buyers, giving terrible stink and made difficult for people to pass through the market.
The people while drawing the attention of authorities concerned said that the waste material thrown by vendors has made the situation miserable for people.

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