waste material

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Animal and vegetable waste from restaurants, hotels, markets, and like installations; contains up to 70% moisture and up to 5% incombustible solids. Also see refuse, rubbish, and trash.
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The study published in the journal 'Science of the Total Environment', focused on a soil composed of waste materials, which has been deployed to support a variety of plants within natural and artificial environments over an 18-year timescale.
When it rains, the waste material would find its way back into the same gutters they were collected from and block the free flow of flood waters.
Pimentel issued the statement after the Philippine government said it will return to South Korea some 6,500 tons of waste materials that were dumped in Mindanao and tagged as originating from the East Asian country.
The task force will examine the waste material from the ports and take action accordingly.
'When I make my accessories from the waste materials, I end up applying a glazing coat so as to make them water resistant and give them a shiny appealing colour,' she said.
- "to conduct supplemental sampling to ensure that the exposed waste material is isolated."
Waste material containing Dioxin found at the site threatens public health primarily by direct contact to people.
The landowner says there was far more waste material brought to the site than requested and that he is in discussions with the company who delivered it about the removal of the contaminated section, which is about 7,000 cubic metres.
The police have cordoned off the scene for safety, because it is believed that 67 drums of waste material were on the lorry.
Vermont Public Service Department Commissioner Chris Recchia said most of the waste materials after the Vermont Yankee plant is decommissioned would be set to the Texas facility, except for the spent fuel rods and higher-level radioactive materials.
Which came first, the BMX track concept or the availability of the waste material? Who is funding the actual construction of this track, who will maintain it ever after, and at what cost to the council tax payers?
The waste material was dumped on land off Penistone Road, just 500m from a local nature reserve.

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