waste well

absorbing well, dry well, waste well

A well used for draining off surface water and conducting it underground, where it is absorbed.

leaching cesspool

A cesspool, 1 in which the solids present are retained and the liquid seeps into the surrounding soil.
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Lane said the moratorium shut down only four waste wells, and is concerned that many others remain in operation outside the moratorium area.
EPA is not consistently enforcing and overseeing class II wells, said GAO, The class II waste wells in question are not subject to the same rigorous geologic study, safety reviews and regular monitoring that the EPA requires of other toxic waste injection wells from other industries, making it difficult for the EPA to enforce protections of underground drinking water supplies.
"There could be alternatives that have to be developed," he said, noting that perhaps drillers should put waste wells in places less susceptible to earthquakes or use trucks or rail lines to ship waste water to safer containment wells.
Each doublet contains 2 sample wells that share common cathode and waste wells. Microchannels were coated with poly-N-hydroxyethylacrylamide (polyDuramide) in a dynamic coating procedure (12).
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