water boatman

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water boatman:

see water bugwater bug,
name for a large number of water-living bugs, comprising several families of the order Hemiptera (true bugs). All have jointed, sharp, sucking beaks, breathe air, and undergo gradual metamorphosis (see insect).
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The water boatman's metapodia are quant-like and keep swinging while it swims; counterforces between the metapodia and water push the water boatman forward or downward.
It's easy to see where the water boatman gets its name, given its broad oval body and rowing legs.
Lesser water boatman, 3mm long, holds a bubble of air on its back,
Castara Beach managed a lone fourth place from five starts, but her sister Hill Hopper won four times, including the Group 3 Criterion Stakes, while half-brother Water Boatman was a Group 1 winner in Australia.